Version 2.0 of the peqibot: Edit

  • irc interface
  • enhanced admin options (mark for deletion, as spam, protect page)
  • find stubs
  • most popular pages from Wikipedia pinged back to users
  • automatically convert a users micro-blog username into a peqipedia username - via email confirmation link pinged back to users?

Version 2.0 of the peqipedia: Edit

  • allow pictures to be uploaded (but re-size them to 75px x 75px) - maybe by posting a link to flikr?
  • peqi telephone number? to allow direct sms in?
  • Category short codes e.g: [[c:geo]], [[c:hist]], - see: Talk:Rules
  • design our own CSS to better reflect the micro-blogging look and feel
  • add our own "characters left" counter (javascript?)